SmartFit640 Customer Testimonials

Our specialized experience and understanding of physiological responses to modern effective training enable us to provide cutting edge information and sensible guidance throughout our wide range of diverse members—from beginners in their teens and twenties, to middle age men and women in their 30’s right through to their 70’s, to both active and retired pro athletes.


I’ve worked out/worked in gyms since I was 18- teaching aerobics, water classes, etc… I work in PT and I’m a massage therapist, so I know a fair amount about body mechanics. I LOVE this gym!!! I’m not one to work out on my own -I’m lazy and need to be motivated. Whether it be Haley, Kacey, Scott or Tim …you know the workouts are well thought out & motivating!!

I still have a membership at another gym because I like spin. I recently took a class and it was so easy, after struggling with it months ago.  So, I guess I’m getting stronger!  And now, our whole family belongs to SmartFit640!! Thanks!!!

- LYNN F. (57)

I’ve belonged to typical gyms for a very long time, which I would use sporadically. This is because I truly did not enjoy going there-I would do the same exercises over and over again, with little noticeable improvement. After joining Smartfit my attitude did a complete change-I’ve grown to like working out. For me, the variety of workouts, the constant attention from staff to ensure proper technique, and the comradery of working with small groups really makes the difference. More importantly, I feel a definite improvement in my strength, stamina, and general fitness. When I first started, I couldn’t complete a single session without numerous breaks, rests, etc. I’d be sore all over afterwards. That changed quickly though, and now I can get through almost every session without stopping to rest.

- DREW F. (57)

I came to SmartFit after being at my previous gym for over three years. I was looking for more…more instruction, more guidance and more results. ‘More’ is what what I got! The trainers are wonderful and approach each workout methodically. There is a reason for everything we do and Haley or Tim are always willing to explain their methods. My background in gymnastics gave me a great foundation for fitness but I was eager to take it to the next level. I love being challenged each day and exploring new workouts. I have been with SmartFit for almost a year and I am pleased with how my fitness has improved. I’m in this for the long haul and want to stay strong and injury-free. I appreciate Haley and Tim’s attention to detail when anyone is in the gym. They are constantly tweaking each movement to ensure it is done correctly and safely for maximum results. The people are the best part of SmartFit. Other gyms felt ‘stuffy’ but there is a great sense of community here! We push one another and cheer for each other. I always leave drenched in sweat feeling accomplished!

- JILL H. (32)

Joining SmartFit has truly been a life changing experience. When I first met Tim at my introductory session he said just give us 90 days and see how it goes. Eighteen months later I’ve lost thirty five pounds, reduced my waist size by three inches and decreased body fat by eight percent! At 62 I’m in better shape then I have been in the last 20 years. The small group format allows for a lot of individual attention to make sure I’m being challenged and exercising properly to get the most out of every workout and avoid injury. The program works and it makes it incredibly easy to stay committed when you see the results pile up.

With the Nutrition Coaching Program, I’ve finally learned how to eat properly to maintain a healthy diet, enjoy food and made the lifestyle changes necessary to support my fitness goals. No matter who I’m working out with the environment is incredibly supportive, challenging and respectful. I can’t envision ever joining another gym. Thanks to the entire SmartFit team!

- CHRIS D. (50’s)

My journey with SmartFit640 began in October of 2017 when my children started high school and I no longer had the responsibility of driving them to middle school in the mornings. My goal at that time was to “get my body back” since I hadn’t been a gym member since before my son was born!! Of course, I was still active and tried my best to stay in shape, but let’s face it – exercise videos in the living room get really old after 16 years!! What I have achieved in my nearly two years at SmartFit has been more than I ever imagined! I am in the best shape of my life, and my weight is at an all time low – I weigh what I weighed when I started college as a Freshman in 1989! And weight aside, I am stronger and more defined than I think I’ve ever been. I actually love showing off and lifting heavy things – HA! Today, if I start my day without a SmartFit workout, I feel out of sorts and incomplete. The camaraderie that I enjoy laughing and lifting in the morning with some really awesome people is usually the best part of my day! The trainers have been awesome and are always encouraging and pushing us to be our very best. I can’t imagine what my life would be like without SmartFit, and hope that I’ll never have to learn. Thank you so much to all of you at SmartFit640!

- MARI W. (49)

Prior to joining SmartFit, I had plateaued physically, was feeling uninspired and uncommitted to fitness. I was needing a place that would push me differently than prior workouts and would hold me accountable – and that is exactly what SmartFit has done for me. I started group training in October 2018. Over the course of months I saw my body transform. I gained muscle and endurance, lost weight, and gained an enormous amount of knowledge about strength training. Beyond the incredible physical benefits that SmartFit has provided me, the most monumental piece has been what it has done for me mentally. It has kept me in a healthy routine, boosted my confidence, and shown me just how strong I am. I cannot say enough amazing things about the owners and trainers. Haley has been my primary trainer through group classes and has been so impactful in my progress. She has a special way of being gentle while still pushing you beyond where you knew you could. She is able to work with multiple clients during a group and still give you individualized training. Tim is a wealth of knowledge, and he and Julie, the owners, have created a space where everyone feels welcome. They are invested in their clients’ progress and are so happy to see consistency and their members meeting goals. In addition, I have really loved my training with Chris, Kacey, and Scott. Every trainer leads by example and brings their own expertise to group training. I would highly recommend SmartFit to anyone who is ready to make a commitment to themselves and their health.

- EMILY G. (29)

Smartfit was better and more helpful than I ever expected. I needed a gym to lift at before my first year of playing college baseball. I thought I knew a decent amount on how to lift, but Haley and her team really taught me the meaning of lifting properly so there is no chance of getting hurt.

Ther pushed me to become stronger each day and showed me different techiques that helped my power and explosiveness a lot.

When I started there I had a lot of pain in my shoulder, and with some strengthening of the upper back my shoulder had never felt better. I would recommend this place to anyone and everyone.”

- MAX M. (19)

SmartFit is different and different is better. The big difference is the focus on your core and the smaller muscles around your large muscles. The scientific workouts change daily and are amazing. The trainers there will, train, coach and teach you proper form while pushing your comfort level to maximize your workout. You have to try it to truly understand it and I can promise you will love the results.

- DEREK M. - 50’S

I have been going to Fit640 for only 3 months, and have definitely noticed positive changes in my body. I had been going to another gym for about a year and a half which was very cardio oriented, and wanted to focus more on improving strength and muscle development. I gave Fit640 a try, and couldn’t be happier with my decision. Very welcoming, supportive staff and membership. Energetic, yet laid back judgement-free zone, with high quality facilities and instruction. They have the knowledge and experience to help you [safely and efficiently] reach your fitness objectives. All you have to do is show up with a good attitude, put in the effort, and you will see results.

- John S. (57) Software Business Owner- Portsmouth

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