A few months ago a (very fit) friend of mine recommended that I give SMARTFIT640 a try. Having tried dozens of fitness programs over 40+ years, I was skeptical. But, just three months later, I’m already seeing results that, quite frankly, astonish me. I’m extremely grateful to Tim Ward, and to his entire SMARTFIT640 team.
~George Frost (60) – Financial Analyst & Fund Manager

SmartFit640 is the real deal. They mix killer workouts with the use of scientific methods. The workouts are shorter than the traditional weight lifting that I was doing before and the results are far better. I highly recommend SmartFit640. Joining will be one of the best decisions you ever make.
~Pat Kane (47) – Owner, Kane Insurance

In just the first eight weeks of joining SmartFit640, my energy, strength, and nutrition has been transformed. Having been a member of so many gyms in the past, I had reservations about joining yet another. This has been a night and day experience. The scientific based method that Tim uses gets results and keeps me safe from injury. The facility is state of the art, has a motivating energy, and the personal care and effort that Tim and his staff puts into my personal success is nothing that I have ever experienced going to a gym. I’m all in at SmartFit640!
~Scott Rome (48) – Owner, Brick and Barn Real Estate

These shorter workouts are helping me feel like I did back in my 20’s, and, experiencing so many different pro trainers, I must say that Tim’s 30 years of experience and knowledge in sports sciences are second to none. I wish I had this training when I was playing professionally.
~Rich L. (50) – Retired Professional Athlete, Atlanta Braves

This training has by far the most comprehensive, compact workouts I have ever been exposed to. My results are amazing, and I have never felt core strength like this—strength that reenergizes my day-to- day activities.  Do yourself a favor and train with smartfit640…..You won’t regret it.
~Alan B. (56) – Broken back, knee injuries, shoulder and forearm pain.

Wow…talk about an education in science based fitness! When they say ‘optimal fitness in less time’ they mean it. My workouts are only 50- minutes long so I am in and out of the gym quickly and my results are crazy. In just six weeks, I began to see major differences in my body. This is truly an elite level fitness program…one not to be missed!
~Jen P. (50) – Mother of two and experienced fitness enthusiast

…SMARTFIT640 is on a whole different level. I have gained so much strength in so little time, plus, me and my friends love the 50-minute workouts. SMARTFIT640 is THE REASON I made Varsity starting line up as a sophomore.
~Owen K. (16) – High school varsity football player.

The compliments just keep pouring in! I am 5’6″ weigh 125 lbs. with 12% body fat thanks to The SMARTFIT640 system. The short workouts have every exercise movement planned out, literally, in a specific pattern to maximize your results. Chiseled abs, a rock hard butt, and total body definition—my husband LOVES IT!
~Julie W. (53) – Mother of two and longtime SMARTFIT640 client.

I have trained in five different gyms and with 20 different “workout” guys…let me tell you something…this is so different and effective…you have to experience it! I am getting strong, my joints are safe because of the elite instruction, and for the first time in years, I see the light at the end of the tunnel. Train less, get 5X the results…what could beat that?
~Kevin A.  (54) – Corporate executive, father of four and fitness enthusiast.

SmartFit640 is a 50-minute modified interval workout that focuses on the key elements that help lose body fat and gain muscle. I am learning the correct way to lift and avoiding the risk of long-term injuries while gaining knowledge that will last me a lifetime. I would not just recommend SMARTFIT640 to athletes, but to anyone that has a gym membership.
~Dave S. (27) – All State athlete, fitness enthusiast.

The workouts/exercises are custom built around you to help you reach whatever goal(s) it is you’re chasing. Tim is super interactive, not only in the gym (where he’s correcting your form or explaining why each exercise is an important step towards your goal) but also on your days off making sure you’re sticking to your diet and getting enough rest. I’ve trained plenty of times with plenty of trainers before but never like this.
~Zach A. (27) – All State athlete, fitness enthusiast.

SmartFit640 is like no other fitness experience. What sets it apart is its unprecedented commitment to both form and science. The combination of these two together maximizes both results and safety so that you are truly training smarter. All of these benefits plus less time at the gym. Amazing.
~Tory M. (38) – Lifelong fitness enthusiast and three-time IRONMAN 70.3 finisher