Spring Time & Your Fitness

Ok, you’ve been training over the winter and now it’s spring. Now is the time when virtually everyone wants to shed a few pounds and slim down before it’s 85 degrees out every day. Here the deal. There are 3 things you need in play for burning the fat and exposing the muscle. Fat shredding...


The Best Lifts for Gaining Size

The Best Lifts for Gaining Size At SmartFit640 In Portsmouth New Hampshire we understand that most males going to the gym are looking to get stronger and bigger. It is commonly agreed upon that the best way to make immediate and significant gains if overall size (muscle wise) is to build your workout routine around...


Proper Diet: The First Priority

Proper Diet: The First Priority Why Your Diet Will Make or Break Your Success At smartfit640 here in Seacoast New Hampshire, we know that it is no secret that proper diet is important when it comes to any aspect of training, whether you are trying to get stronger, add muscle, or lose fat. No matter...

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