Optimal Training program for All Fitness Enthusiasts

Regardless of Age, Experience or Current Fitness Level

We are a private modern fitness facility (click here for 3d tour) located in downtown Portsmouth NH. Our facility houses unique equipment and a dedicated team made up of certified trainers, Exercise PhD’s and Exercise scientists. SmartFit640 combines form and science to unlock powerful metrics in your body that trigger incredible physical changes. We have translated complex science into highly efficient and achievable workouts that maximize results in half the time – regardless of your age or fitness level – SmartFit640 is redefining fitness.

Most of all, our unique elite training modalities are derived from years of professional level experience and academic – science based knowledge.  Unlike virtually every traditional “gym” or kettle bell /  battle rope “boutique gym”  there are zero random acts of bogus exercises or workouts in our facility. Every exercise, every bio-mechanic and every workout is taught correctly and monitored every step for integrity that delivers true, measurable results to our wide ranging members (click here for testimonials)



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