Healthy Holiday Eating, Tips & Tricks


Holiday Eating Tips and Tricks

Plan and prep meals & snacks ahead

-It’s a busy time of year, so make sure you’re prepared!


Don’t go to a holiday event hungry

-Eat something before you go. A protein shake is a great way to curb your appetite!


Don’t hang out at the buffet table

-Get a small plate of what you want and walk away.


Don’t forget WATER!

-Compliment that glass of wine with a taller glass of water.


Bring a healthier dish

-There will be at least 1 dish you’d feel good about eating.


Give away left-overs

-One party can turn into a week of leftover “party foods,” so get rid of them!


ENJOY yourself, after all, it is the holidays!!!

-Eat clean up until the event. Eat what you want. Don’t over indulge. Get back on track.

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