Jenny’s 8 Healthy Habits

Developing habits are the key to long-term success! My 8 healthy habits are DOABLE and will help get you to where you want to be for a lifetime. Choose any habit, master it for at least 10 days, and move onto the next!

1. Eat breakfast
You’ve heard it before; it’s the most important meal of the day. Rev up your metabolism and appetite with a protein packed morning meal within 90 minutes of waking up. Early workout? Have a light snack beforehand and refuel with a meal shortly afterwards.

2. Drink mostly water
Staying hydrated can not only improve energy, but can help reduce cravings for unnecessary feedings throughout the day. Flavor your water by infusing it with fresh fruit or brew up some un-caffeinated iced tea.

3. Eat when you’re hungry
…With the exception of breakfast! Feeling physical hunger before you eat helps you avoid consuming excess calories. If you don’t ever feel hunger, then you’re most likely over feeding yourself. Eat three balanced meals throughout the day and include a snack or two if they are needed.

4. Include a protein at all meals and snacks
Protein controls hunger for longer periods of time. It also maintains blood sugar levels and keeps you in fat burning mode throughout the day.

5. Consume mostly unprocessed, whole foods
If it comes in a box, package, or you can’t identify the ingredients, don’t eat it. Nourish your body with whole foods that come from nature.

6. Plan out your meals
Plan out meals for the upcoming week. Try to base it off your schedule to ensure that you can successfully execute your plan. Shop from a grocery list and if you can, take some time to meal prep.

Workout, go for a walk, run, clean your house, etc. You need to burn calories to lose weight, so get MOVING.

8. Get some Z’s
Shoot for that 8 hours! Sleep is nutrition for the brain. Getting plenty of rest will reduce cravings for sugar and caffeine.

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