Spring Time & Your Fitness

Ok, you’ve been training over the winter and now it’s spring. Now is the time when virtually everyone wants to shed a few pounds and slim down before it’s 85 degrees out every day. Here the deal.

There are 3 things you need in play for burning the fat and exposing the muscle. Fat shredding only works if you are consistent in all 3.  You cannot be part time and expect acceptable results for yourself.

1st Resistance training – you need a base of muscle & you need enough volume of resistance placed on your musculoskeletal system to trigger an effective response. The more muscle you have, and the more you keep training that muscle, the better and better it will respond through a process called adaptation.  The muscle bellies become fuller, giving your body visible shape and that fitness look. But the thing you don’t see, is that highly active muscle bellies that are triggered from weight training turn up your metabolism and act like furnaces that will burn stored fat calories.  So, you need enough activated muscle to metabolize fat. If you’re training 2 days per week, you need to think about 3 or 4 days per week for May and June and July. Now is the time to do it.

2nd Nutrition –  you need to honestly get a handle on your nutrition. You simply cannot out-train bad nutrition or part-time nutrition. If you’re training 7 days per week, but eating five guys every weekend, and drinking wine 4 nights per week, guess what? You’re kidding yourself. You’re not going to synchronize your training, nutrition and cardio to enable that 10 or 25 lbs. of fat to come off your frame. Now is the time to put some discipline into your day and clean up your eating. Eat 66% of your carbs in first half of day (breakfast & lunch) and then light carbs for dinner. This means lots of green veggies, sufficient whole proteins and lighten up on total fat intake (less than 20% of total calories). And as always, NEVER starve yourself by extreme caloric restriction. This will put your body into a fat storage rage and will also cause you to lose muscle (the good weight -LBM) – the direct opposite of what your aiming for.

3rd Cardio training – running, treadmill, stair stepper, biking etc. are the final ingredient to fat shredding. You need to get your heart rate at 75% max for at least 30 minutes per bout. Cardio training enhances the effects of proper resistance training and good nutrition habits.  When all three are being CONSISTENTLY followed with enough volume, say goodbye to body fat. Remember, there is no vacation time for Fat storage, your body doesn’t care, and it will either store fat or burn fat under certain conditions that only you create and ultimately control.

I’ve just given you the ultimate fat shredding conditions. My hope is that you practice these steps as summer approaches and you get that body that satisfies you! There is NO replacement for good fitness practices. Do it right, make it smartfitness, and it will become a sustainable smashing success for you!

Truly, all my best, and to your good health…..


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